K2 Leadership

cropped-picture1.jpgK2 – Next Level Leadership is a way of increasing your company’s enterprise value.  In order to be successful in the long term, every business has had to have some form of this process.  AND it applies to every business, large or small.

What is it?

K2 is a group of strategies to allow you and more importantly, your entire management group to grow.  It’s pretty easy to add production capacity by buying more machines and hiring more people, but it is far tougher to grow your leadership capacity.  K2 provides techniques and learning to help leaders understand their own leadership style and grow their people.

Why K2?

If you truly want to grow your enterprise value or grow period, you need a process to grow your people.  Even if you never plan to sell, growing your enterprise value is worthwhile.  If you have a fully-functioning leadership team with no sole reliance on any one individual that reduces considerable risk in your company.  If done correctly, it helps mitigate the stress and allows you to operate more effectively.

K2 is not for everyone

K2 is as much a mind-set as it is a strategy.  You have to be willing to give up some control and believe that perhaps others are just as smart and capable as you.  Or you have to at least be willing to find out.  The progression from supervision to management to leadership is a different journey for everyone.  And not everyone is wired for this transition or believes it is necessary.  There are many successful business owners that have not made this transition and have done just fine.

However, there are also many businesses out there with a heavy reliance on one or a few individuals, perhaps the owner.  There are also many owners that reach the stage where they want to cash-in on the great business they have built, but can’t because the business has too heavy of a reliance on them.  They either control key processes like estimating or maintain key relationships with customers, suppliers or staff.  The obvious risk in that scenario is “what happens of something happens to (insert name here)?”

How does K2 work?

We will work with you and your leadership team (if you have one) to develop a format for growth.  We will use several forms of learning to help your entire team grow.  First, we will look inward to assess ourselves and then determine strategies to assist others in their growth.  The end goal will be to grow the overall “intellectual capacity utilization” of the organization.  Sounds fluffy, I know.  But you may have people in your organization who are not being utilized to their full extent and have also not reached their true potential.

Where did K2 come from?

Simple answer, “the school of hard knocks”.  I took over a very successful company that had grown up under a very entrepreneurial mindset.  The company had grown well beyond the Mom and Pop size with far more complexity and greater challenges.  I realized quickly that I could not run this myself.  So I developed a system of growing the people around me to help run the business and eventually “run the business”.   I tried lots of things during this journey, some worked and some failed.  However, I managed to help the leadership team grow to a level I never imagined while at the same time growing the company’s enterprise value considerably.

Looking back now, I realize that I can help other management teams or companies grow by using the knowledge gained and the techniques we used.  I am passionate about helping people that want some help.  But I also understand that the process has to involve them and not someone shoving some philosophy down their throat.  The life journey of a business owner or leader is very unique.


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